While some issues can be solved with an email or a quick call, not all of them have simple solutions. Those are the challenges that keep you up at night. For support leaders, WiFi issues are among the top causes of ISP support calls—and if teams can’t resolve issues quickly and effectively, it can create a higher risk of churn.

What keeps support leaders up at night? 

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There’s a lot that goes on in the mind of a support leader, even just on a day-to-day basis—but there are always a few key concerns that never really leave them alone. Which issues are keeping support leaders up at night? And more importantly, what are the solutions that will finally lead to a good night’s sleep?

Managing expenses

You’ve got a budget, but higher demand on networks and increasing subscriber bases create higher call volumes—meaning higher staffing and onboarding expenses.

How to trim operational expenses

Issue complexity

WiFi issues are among the top causes of ISP support calls, but they’re difficult for support teams to resolve—and often reflect negatively on a leader’s KPIs. 

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Operational efficiency

Automation issues, agent technical ability, subscriber technical aptitude, and lack of home network visibility make it difficult to maintain—let alone improve—efficiency. 

What's slowing down your team's efficiency

Subscriber satisfaction

Tech support plays a huge role in a subscriber’s overall satisfaction. If the team can’t resolve issues quickly and effectively, it puts subscribers at a much higher risk of churn. 

How one ISP boosted satisfaction

Start putting your key concerns to bed. Check out this guide to start cutting expenses, improving efficiency, resolving complex issues, and improving subscriber satisfaction. 

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