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A visual resource like RouteThis enables our team to see the problems—like cabling or lack of understanding of where to plug things in—and removes the need for technical explanation or in-depth troubleshooting. It saves time and therefore reduces costs.

 Peter Sunderland
Helpdesk Manager, Inspire Net




When the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns hit New Zealand, and more people were working from home, quality internet service connectivity became a much more pressing issue for Inspire Net.

Facing high volumes of WiFi-related calls and reports of connectivity issues, Inspire Net needed a solution to help continue serving subscribers in the “Inspire Way.”

To create better visibility for their agents in troubleshooting subscribers' WiFi issues, Inspire Net wanted to reduce the workload on its support team while offering the same one-on-one support to all subscribers, especially those needing extra help.


By implementing RouteThis Resolve, Inspire Net was able to speed up its internal processes and provide information to its network team to escalate and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

“Adding RouteThis scans speeds up our internal processing as it provides enough information for our network team to take over when it counts. Without the Routethis results, I am sure this would have bounced back and forth between our internal teams for another day or so before the issue was found,” said Peter Sunderland, Helpdesk Manager, Inspire Net.

The RouteThis toolset has also helped support agents answer calls from their homes more effectively while continuing to offer their one-on-one services to their subscribers. The time saved with subscriber issues means that finding solutions became much easier and faster. This allowed Inspire Net to maintain and improve its overall customer service levels, even during the pandemic.


Since implementing RouteThis, Inspire Net’s support and network teams have seen great results concerning WiFi connectivity issues and troubleshooting, whether it be from the source or its subscriber’s home networks.

To take things to the next level, Inspire Net has also started using RouteThis to troubleshoot their prepaid WiFi services, which has been a bonus as it was not something they envisioned in the initial rollout. Inspire Net is looking forward to finding new ways to help subscribers and internal teams quickly and effectively resolve WiFi issues and maintain the “Inspire Way.”

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How Inspire Net wowed subscribers with fast and reliable one-on-one support

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Inspire Net is a New Zealand-based internet service provider that works to bring New Zealanders the best and most dependable WiFi services for their region. At Inspire Net, the “Inspire Way” means putting subscribers first by focusing on solutions and results first.