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Install with confidence

In the race to win market share, ISPs have transitioned to an experience-centric model that requires the WiFi experience to be just as good as the service delivered to the gateway. But between gateway speed tests, piecemeal free tooling solutions, and little to no ability to map home network coverage,  traditional installation processes leave too much room for error—which means higher chances of connection issues that often go unnoticed until after the technician has left the home. With 15% of churn happening early in the lifecycle, ISPs need a better way to install.  

Optimize subscriber home networks during install for complete coverage throughout their entire home


A better way to install


Flawless WiFi connectivity from day one

Eliminate turnaround technician visits.

Give technicians confidence that they won’t need to return to subscribers’ homes right after installation with certified WiFi networks that deliver the experience subscribers expect.

Keep customers on board for years to come with optimized networks that deliver the best experience possible right from day one.

Proper installations mean your subscribers can enjoy a disruption-free WiFi experience. If an issue does happen, your team has the tools and information to get subscribers back online quickly.

Reduce early-life churn

Improve subscriber experience

Fuel revenue growth

Increase revenue through new customer acquisition and through ARPU expansion by easily demonstrating how add-on products and services like extenders can impact the WiFi quality.

All the features for better installations

Real-time home layout mapping
Pod Placement Projection
Signal Strength Detection
Tech Walk
Wireless Speed Test
WiFi Analyzer
Built-in Camera
WiFi Certificate
Cloud Integration

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