The essential KPI calculator every ISP support team needs

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Understand and monitor the KPIs that top ISP teams use for performance

Save and track your data to understand your team’s performance over time

Communicate your team’s value in terms of efficiency and profitability

Too often, support departments are seen as cost centers first and foremost. This puts the pressure on support leaders to be able to prove that their teams can—and do—influence their company’s overall profitability. To help you calculate, showcase, and communicate your team’s capacity for impacting profitability, managing costs, and increasing the value of individual accounts, we’ve collected the 11 essential KPIs every ISP support team should know and track.

This comprehensive calculator contains templates to help you track and understand the 11 metrics top ISP support teams use to monitor performance—and shows you how to use that information to communicate your team’s impact and deliver exceptional subscriber experiences.

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