Best practices for reducing tech visits and increasing profitability


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Research shows that over 50% of unnecessary technician visits are WiFi-related. With each visit costing ISPs up to USD$130, these unnecessary service calls are not only expensive for ISPs, but often take technicians away from revenue generating activities like new installations, infrastructure repairs or fiber expansions.

In an effort to eliminate these unnecessary costs and increase profitability, many ISP leaders are asking themselves: 
How can we ensure that subscribers have exceptional WiFi experiences without incurring unnecessary tech visits?

Jason Moore

CEO and Co-founder, RouteThis

Mike Giannotta

Head of Product,

Trish Ehlers

VP of Membership, Industry Affairs & Operations, 
Fiber Broadband Association

In this webinar, we explore:

The common causes of WiFi issues that lead to unnecessary technician visits

Challenges ISPs face when trying to provide subscribers with flawless WiFi connectivity

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Technologies ISPs can leverage to minimize WiFi-related tech visits, reduce OPEX and even drive revenue