The hidden cost of improper WiFi installs


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The WiFi installation is a huge milestone for both you and your subscribers. For you, it marks the beginning of a long and—hopefully prosperous—partnership. For your subscribers, the install serves as the foundation of their experience—including the quality of WiFi.

But as essential as these installations are, too many ISPs fail to get them right. In fact, recent data shows that over 50% of ISP leaders are only somewhat confident—or less so—that subscribers will have a great WiFi experience after a tech leaves.

Jason Moore

CEO and Co-founder, RouteThis

Mike Giannotta

Head of Product,

Trish Ehlers

VP of Membership, Industry Affairs & Operations, 
Fiber Broadband Association

In this webinar, RouteThis and Fiber Broadband Association explore:

Common challenges techs face in the field that lead to improper WiFi setup

The impact of poor WiFi installations on customer experience and profitability

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How to exceed expectations and increase profitability with certified WiFi installs