CPE-agnostic WiFi diagnostics:


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With over 31% of support calls being WiFi-related and 17% of these calls resulting in unnecessary technician visits, a lack of home network visibility remains a top frustration for ISPs.

Traditionally, providers have turned to CPE as a solution but research shows that the average ISP now has over 50 router models in use across their subscriber base. This fragmented router makeup makes it impossible to create consistency in WiFi troubleshooting—leading to inefficient support processes, increased costs, and unnecessary technician visits for WiFi-related issues.

Jason Moore

CEO and Co-founder, RouteThis

John Clark

Sales Engineer, RouteThis

Trish Ehlers

VP of Membership, Industry Affairs & Operations, 
Fiber Broadband Association

In this webinar, experts from RouteThis and Fiber Broadband Association explore:

Common trends that lead to challenges with CPE-based WiFi diagnostics

Benefits of a one-size-fits-all approach to WiFi visibility

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How to get full coverage into 100% of your subscriber base with CPE-agnostic solutions

The key to reducing costs and unnecessary tech visits