From ISP to Wi-Fi Provider: Why Wi-Fi is Key to Customer Experience &


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For most customers, Wi-Fi represents the internet. In fact, more than 90% of consumers primarily use Wi-Fi to connect to the web. So, a poor Wi-Fi experience can have a huge impact on your business, contributing to a poor customer experience, increasing support costs, and driving higher churn.

As industry competition rises, traditional ISPs must first understand the implications of Wi-Fi on their overall business, and second, develop strategies to ensure an optimal Wi-Fi experience across the entire customer journey.

Matt Gardner

Co-founder and Director of Customer Advocacy, RouteThis

Bernie Arnason

Editor-in-Chief, Telecompetitor

Jordan Wehe

Director of Marketing, Jade Communication

In this webinar, experts from RouteThis, Norvado, Jade Communications and Telecompetitor discuss:

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The true impact of a poor Wi-Fi experience

Strategies to improve the Wi-Fi experience

Improving CX and profitability with better Wi-Fi

Rob Lombard

COO, Norvado