How subscriber expectations affect ISP profitability


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Broadband subscribers have higher Wi-Fi expectations than ever before but their understanding of how Wi-Fi differs from the Internet hasn’t changed. Just last year, 63% of consumers around the world called their ISP for help with Wi-Fi issues and 49% of them considered changing providers because of poor Wi-Fi experience – even though these issues were not the fault of the ISP.

On the other hand, 58% of consumers would upgrade their internet plan if it meant a better Wi-Fi experience. This means the right approach to managing subscriber expectations could transform increased support costs into increased profitability.

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Jason Moore

CEO and Co-founder, RouteThis

Andrea Atkinson

VP, Customer Experience
Execulink Telecom

Martin Wren-Hilton

Director of Wireless Innovation, TalkTalk

In this webinar, we'll explore:

The most common subscriber misconceptions that cause poor Wi-Fi experiences

How subscribers’ misconceptions cost you as an ISP time and money

And strategies to manage subscribers’ expectations and increase profitability

Claus Hetting

CEO & Chairman

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