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WiFi self-service support hub for ISPs

The resources you need to offer subscribers self-service solutions for WiFi issues.

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Support calls for WiFi-related problems can cost up to $45 per interaction.

More than 40% of consumers want an app that shows WiFi performance and troubleshoots their issues.

69% of consumers prefer to resolve problems independently, but less than one-third of companies offer self-service options.

What is self-service for ISPs?

Self-service support is a proactive approach to managing WiFi connectivity issues that enable subscribers to resolve connectivity issues without support team intervention.

Why should you use self-service support?

It's what your subscribers want, and it saves you money. Studies show that over 75% of subscribers want the ability to self-serve, and with the right solution, ISPs can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

3 key benefits of self-service support for ISPs

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Self-service as a support agent retention strategy

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“When we saw the monthly data that the usage on RouteThis went up from around 25 percent to the 70s, we understood that the platform had deflected a huge amount of people from calling us.”
— Steve O’Donnell, Assurance Manager (Telco), Trustpower

How do you get self-service right?

Common self-service channels—like FAQs, knowledge bases, chatbots, and forums—require high subscriber effort and have limited answering capabilities for solving complex problems. Self-service should focus on identifying problems, not just fixing them, so subscribers' unique needs can be met.

5 traits of self-service support options that customers will love

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The ISP’s guide to customer self-service for WiFi support

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How to deflect calls without sacrificing customer experience

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“From my perspective, [RouteThis] makes for a spectacular customer experience, whether you’re technical or not.”
— Dave Robson, Customer Experience Manager, Start.ca

How are other ISPs doing self-service?

Self-help solutions enable subscribers to resolve in-home WiFi issues independently, improving the customer support experience for these issues, and lowering call volumes for these difficulties. It can also recommend personalized resolution steps considering a subscriber’s particular home network setup.

Trustpower sees 47% call deflection and faster troubleshooting with RouteThis

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How Start.ca transformed the customer—and support rep—experience with RouteThis

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How RocketNet cut handle times by 75%—and boosted customer experience—using RouteThis

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“Continually investing in technological advancements like RouteThis empowers our customers to be in the driver's seat.” 
— Simon Swanepoel, Founder and CEO, RocketNet

How RouteThis can help with self-service?

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Self-Help Feature Sheet

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RouteThis Self-Help empowers subscribers to self-diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve WiFi issues with the same speed and accuracy as your agents—straight from their mobile device.

RouteThis Self-Help for ISPs

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“It's been great to see customers empower themselves with the [RouteThis] platform to resolve issues without calling in; it's been and continues to be a fantastic tool that our customers can use and in many instances alleviates the need for any onsite visits!”
— Steve O’Donnell, Assurance Manager (Telco), Trustpower

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