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While we were scaling the business, RouteThis was scaling with us. Whenever we had any questions, whenever we needed some extra data—just to gain more visibility—we could get it. That's definitely super important for us.

 Judith Poku
Senior Manager of Customer Experience, Nanoleaf




Over the last decade, Nanoleaf has been developing revolutionary lighting products, including light bulbs,  panels, and strips with smart features like music visualization and touch controls. After they developed their more interactive products, Nanoleaf recognized that integrating WiFi connectivity into their products would require a new level of smart home support.

When customers began contacting them with WiFi connectivity issues, they quickly realized that the lack of visibility in the customer's home networks was leading to long resolution times.

In some cases, device error messages helped narrow down the problem, but they primarily relied on basic troubleshooting steps for connectivity issues. Sometimes they even had to escalate issues to their engineers for additional support. However, these solutions created long wait times for their customers and ultimately weren’t getting to the root of every problem.


To help reach their goal of shortening resolution time, Nanoleaf partnered with RouteThis to get a more holistic view of their customer’s network issues. Ultimately, they want to ensure they can resolve customer issues within 48 hours.

"When it came to connectivity-related issues, we needed further insights in addition to what the customer was saying. With RouteThis, we gained more visibility into some of these issues, which also shortened the resolution time on our end,” says Judith Poku, Senior Manager of Customer Experience at Nanoleaf.

Using RouteThis Core for smart homes, Nanoleaf agents had access to tools designed to pinpoint WiFi connectivity issues and give agents and customers a better idea of what's happening. As Nanoleaf does not have phone support, having easily accessible information on the customer’s home network has helped them get to the bottom of issues much faster without requiring customers or agents to type out long explanations in a chat.


For Nanoleaf, shortening the time from when the user reaches out to the time they resolve the issue was a top priority. Being able to do so without having to ask a lot of follow-up questions was a bonus. Using RouteThis, Nanoleaf agents can handle WiFi-related issues more efficiently and better understand where they can start with troubleshooting steps, making it much easier to resolve issues promptly.

After using RouteThis for the past five years, Nanoleaf has no plans to look back. Not only are they improving their resolution time, but they are continuously seeing positive reactions from their agents and customers. Looking forward, Nanoleaf is currently piloting RouteThis Self-Help for smart home brands and is excited to see how self-serve options help their customers even more.

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How Nanoleaf reduced time to resolution with Routethis

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Nanoleaf is a technology and IoT startup that develops cutting-edge smart home lighting solutions that turn ordinary experiences into amazing ones. Nanoleaf integrates careful design and technology intelligence into their products by utilizing its "Smarter by Design" philosophy. Their 10+ products are available in over 100 countries and used by over 1 million customers.

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