Supporting the Smart Home: Getting to the Right Solution


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US internet households have an average of 16 connected devices in their home, and 52% experienced at least one technical problem last year, while 38% experienced two or more. Even after educating the consumer on the benefits of a device or service and making the sale, the smart home manufacturer’s work is not done. Consumers sometimes still need support, and providing remote support can be challenging and costly. According to Parks Associates consumer data, 63% of consumers prefer to handle technical support issues over the phone. In the worst case, the device owner may return the device, even when the problem is connectivity which may be out of the manufacturer's control.

The NPS for home internet providers at the end of 2021 was seven, and that stat points to a very mixed experience with the service that is a foundation of the smart home. Connected devices depend on a strong, stable Wi-Fi signal to reliably deliver the benefits they promise. Devices on the edge of a home's Wi-Fi are particularly vulnerable, and several of these devices move a large amount of data to and from the cloud, such as cameras. Others, such as smart garage doors and smart gate openers provide access to the home and could create a frustrating hassle for a resident who has returned home with groceries, or children, or from a tough day at work.

These frustrations won't always be directed at the service provider and instead drive support calls to the device-makers. Parks Associates' research shows that 55% of smart home product owners contacted the device manufacturer to provide support; this grows higher for networked cameras, smart garage door openers, and smart sprinklers.

Jason Moore

CEO and Co-founder, RouteThis

Kevin Kraus

VP technology Alliances, Smart Residential Solutions, ASSA ABLOY

Chris White

Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

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