Supporting the Modern Consumer: Differentiation in Smart Home and Broadband Services 


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In Q1 2021, US broadband providers added an estimated 1.6M residential and small business broadband subscriptions – over half of the total additions in both 2018 and 2019. By Q2 2021, adoption of smart home devices topped 36% of US broadband households.

Expansion of these solutions creates challenges in integration, quality of experience, reliability, and in-home connectivity, and even as the hardware market grows more fragmented, consumers turn to ISPs and device manufacturers to support the total in-home experience.

In this webinar, industry experts discuss the growing role of support services as a key differentiation factor for service providers and device makers in the smart home and broadband markets.

Topics covered:

  • Growth of connected devices and new challenges created in Wi-Fi connectivity and the user experience
  • Impact of home network issues on broadband providers and device manufacturers
  • Strategies to differentiate services through support
  • Role of Wi-Fi and support services in the home
  • Tools to avoid product returns and subscriber losses

Jason Moore

CEO and Co-founder, RouteThs

Jennifer Kent

VP, Research, Parks Associates

Simon Swanepoel

CEO, RocketNet

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